5 Tips to Clean and Improve MacBook Performance

6 Apr

5 Tips to Clean and Improve MacBook Performance

Today I decided to give a deal on my MacBook to do that “basic” cleaning, organizing the files and so on. I’m going to list some tips here on how to perform MacBook cleaning and make small changes to improve performance.

The tips are simple, you’ll do it directly in your Mac’s settings or with the help of additional tools. The tools that I will indicate are all 100% free and very good by the way. For this reason I want to leave a compliment for the work provided by Titanium Software the guys are to be congratulated!

I want to emphasize here for you to be smart in ads of miraculous software that appear for the Mac. When I went to look for the tool responsible for cleaning I entered a site that the link was well hidden and I ended up clicking to download MacKeeper a junk, I advise you not to download. If you downloaded the best is uninstall. This is just a warning. Lets go to what matters.

As my Mac came from the US the operating system is in English, so I will pass the name of the options in this language.

Step1: Perform Backup

Backup is always a good idea, especially when we are cleaning the MacBook. Here I leave the basic tip even, put an external hd (or the Time Capsule, if you have one) and put Time Machine to work. This is more for safety.

Step 2: Verify Programs that Initiate Login

In this step we will look for programs that start in the login. I always put my MacBook to hibernate when closing the single cover so almost never off or restart. I keep my mouth open seeing some users always turning the Mac on and on (waiting for a precise time) at all times, these users seem to be coming from Windows. Hey, Mac hibernates and returns without losing performance, wake up! Well, let’s get down to business. You should go to “System Preferences” -> “Users & Groups” and then in the screen that opens you must click “Login Items”, it will list everything that starts when you log in, choose what you do not want to start.

Step 3: Cleaning the Hard Disk

Here we will use a very useful program developed by Titanium Software. The name of the program is OnyX and you can download here directly on the guys website. You should choose the program according to the version of your MacOS. The program is very complete and useful, but let’s focus here on the cleaning part. Download, install and run this program. Click the “Cleaning” button and you will be presented with several cache options to clean, in my case I checked everything and clicked the “execute” button.

After finishing cleaning the program will ask to restart the Mac you should click “close” we will not restart now as we have more things to do. Something cool is that you organize your files, delete files from the Downloads folder (if you do not need them) and uninstall programs that you do not use for a long time, this will help free up space on your hard drive.

Step 4: Performing Maintenance on the MacBook

On the Titanium Software website, you have another very good free program called “MAINTENANCE”. Nete program you can repair the permissions of system files and programs, run various maintenance scripts, etc.

The cleanup part left unchecked because I already did the cleanup with the program in Step 3. After you mark what you want, just click on “Execute”. When it’s all over, you can have your MacBook Restart.

Step 5: Put more memory in the MacBook

This tip is more hardware. Putting more memory on the Mac helps it work faster and more fluidly even with many open programs. My mac that is older a White, I put everything that gave 4GB of RAM. Worth it! The next step I want to do is put an SSD (solid memory) in place of my current HD which is mechanical, although I’ve already put a high spin, done that the Mac gets a rocket.

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