How to Format a Pendrive on MacBook?

28 Mar

How to Format a Pendrive on MacBook?

Cleaning a pen drive is a necessary thing especially if the same is new. However some people get lost when formatting on the MacBook This tip shows how to prepare the pendrive to write files and work on all computers. Check out the following step-by-step:

  • Connect the USB stick to the USB;
  • Go to find and type “Disk Utility” (This program comes standard);
  • When open the screen select the pendrive in the left corner;
  • Now go to “delete”;
  • Make sure that the “MS-DOS (FAT)” option is selected (this ensures that it works across all computers and devices);
  • Put a name on the pendrive (this is not required but it’s interesting);
  • Click the “Delete” button;
  • Attention: This procedure will erase and reset all PenDrive information and if the pen is new it will leave it ready to receive files. It is! Any questions are available.

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