How to troubleshoot WiFi access issues in iOS 8.4.1 ?

5 Apr

How to troubleshoot WiFi access issues in iOS 8.4.1 ?

Many users said they had problems with the latest version of iOS 8, reported that they had problems connecting to WiFi and that inexplicably the battery of their phone was emptied without even having used it.

Do you want your device to work as it once did? So check out the tips we have to fix Wi-Fi issues. If they do not work, you may report the incident to Apple, but I’m sure that by following the step-by-step instructions you’ll be able to solve your device problem.

Restart iPhone

Press the ‘HOME’ and ‘POWER’ button for 10 seconds, your device will automatically restart and after a few seconds the unlock screen will appear.

Reset network settings

To do this go to:
  • settings
  • General
  • Reset
  • Restore network settings
  • Reboot the modem

Have you thought if the source of the problem is not your device? Sometimes the easiest step is the most obvious one. For some reason your router may have been affected by something that is causing problems in the signal, try rebooting the modem and wait to see if the connection has been restored.

Disable Wireless Network Connection

The Apple location is active via Wi-Fi but sometimes when you disable this option you can solve the connection problem. To do this follow the steps below:

  • services
  • settings
  • Privacy
  • Local
  • System

After doing so go to the “Wi-Fi Connection” tab and disable, restart your device and make the following changes.

Change DNS for your connection on Google

Sometimes the device may not be properly connected to the DNS provider so the best solution is to use those from Google that are also free like: and

Restore to iOS 8.4.1

Something on your device might be failing if you did not do a clean installation, as if you had restored a previous copy of the system. To do away with this problem the best thing to do is to restore your device again without loading any backup that you had stored on your computer.

If you followed the steps and saw that the problem was not external (router / modem), the problem may not be in the software but in the hardware. In this case, you should go to an Apple store and try to solve the problem.

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