The 9 best apps to remove apps on Mac

21 Apr

The 9 best apps to remove apps on Mac

Removing applications on your Mac may seem like a simple task, and if you’ve removed apps by just dragging them to the trash, be aware that you may not have removed all the traces left behind. To make sure you have deleted everything that is related to this app, it is best to use an external app.

Luckily there are several options on the market that in addition to being more effective, still decrease the time you lose to eliminate each application. Below is a brief summary of the best options on the market. Now just pick the one that will be most useful for your goal!

  1. Clean My Mac

It’s my app of choice when it comes to making the Mac faster. With this app, it’s fairly simple to select apps and choose the ones I want to send to the trash. Just select the “Uninstaller” category and Clean My Mac lets you know about all the existing apps and even says how long ago I did not open them. This way, I can also find those apps that I have not used for a long time and delete them

  1. Amnesia

This app has a fantastic design! As well as being extremely beautiful, Amnesia performs very well. This app uninstalls screen savers, widgets and all associated files. This app also comes with the included backup function, which allows you to restore any apps that you deleted by mistake.

In addition, you can create a list of “untouchables”. These untouchable apps will always require extra authorization to be deleted. Lastly, it has the option to drag and drop and even displays a list of all the apps that are on the Mac.

  1. AppDelete

Like the previous ones, AppDelete not only removes the applications but also widgets, plugins, screensavers, among others. Without this app, all items associated with each app are left behind taking up space and causing problems.

You can still search the apps through an AppDelete search engine. This search lets you target multiple filters such as date, size, and more. If you want a quick app, this is a great option!

  1. CleanGenius

In addition to erasing applications, Clean Genius also allows you to delete files on your Mac. It also removes caches, preferences and other things that are easily stored on your computer.

Another interesting detail is that it looks for duplicate files and suggests deleting them. Your search allows you to target by file size or by category. An interesting feature is that you set that CleanGenius will be triggered automatically when your free memory is between 10 and 40%.

  1. MacBooster

It’s a great option for Mac and it does a lot more than just delete apps. It has an algorithm that suggests to you which apps or files to delete, always based on their use. If you use a lot of an application, it suggests that you keep it. If on the other hand you almost never use an application, MacBooster suggests that you remove it.

Eliminating duplicate files and increasing the security of your Mac are also other advantages. It has been considered several times as the best application to help your Mac stay healthier.

In addition to these tools I mentioned above, there are others you can try out. Although they are less efficient, they can be an interesting option:

  • AppCleaner
  • AppTrap
  • AppZapper
  • CleanApp 4
  • Conclusion

Obviously, all the options here have their advantages and disadvantages. It is best for you to analyze and understand which are the ones that best suit your needs.

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