Tips for Beginners on iOS

9 Apr

Tips for Beginners on iOS

Did you buy an iPhone, iPad or iPod and do not know how to use it? Do not worry as this is fully normal and in this small guide we bring hot tips that can be used for a quick consultation whenever you want to take away all your doubts.

The operating system called iOS and which will be shipped on the iPhone, iPad or iPod is different from Android in many ways. IOS uses only a menu that is the apps menu, there you will find the icon, settings, by that “APPLICATION” you can change your settings, your touch, change the wallpaper, update the software, etc. IOS is a closed system, so to add music, video, backup or restore your device you will need iTunes, which can be downloaded here: We’ll go into details about this later.

To add music: After installing iTunes, open iTunes press the “alt” key if the menu bar is not appearing. Select the “File” menu. In this menu you will find several options. Select the “add file to library if you want to ONLY add a file (video or music)” option. Select the add folder to library option if you want to add an entire folder with all your music or video files.

ATTENTION: iTunes only supports songs in the format: mp3, aac, aiff, wav. and videos in format: H.264, .m4v, .mov, .mp4, MPEG-4.

To sync your music with your iPhone or iPad, connect the device using the data cable and wait for the synchronization to begin.

To save your photos to your computer, connect the iPhone or iPad to your computer and open “My Computer”, Select your iPhone / iPad, and go into the folders until you reach a folder with photos, copy the photos or video to a folder in your computer, and SOON! Your images will be saved to your computer.


Jailbreak is a process that you perform on your iPhone / iPad that allows TOTAL customization of the device, you can change the theme, add TWEAKS that often improve the experience with the system, but sometimes the system may become unstable.

Do I lose my warranty if I do JailBreak?

Yes, you lose, but just restore your iPhone / iPad that there will be no more traces that one day you did jailbreak.

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