Top 20 Apps for MacBook Pro

14 Apr

Top 20 Apps for MacBook Pro

To edit videos, the Mac itself brings iMovie. But it’s not the same as the … Final Cut Pro! This great video editing app has a lot more features than the native Mac app. It’s faster, has a lot of effects and gives you a much better customization of your video. Exporting video is also something quite simple and above all, fast!


Skitch is an app created by the same company that created Evernote and it can not be considered an image editor due to its limitation in terms of functionality, but it does not go very far. Skitch lets you use the blur function, add text to your image, cut it or insert some symbols (squares and circles, for example). Skitch has 2 advantages: the first of all is its simplicity. Any layman in image editing can use it. The second advantage is its speed. It is extremely fast and you can use it with incredible speed. Just drag, edit the image, and then drag back to your desktop. And the best: it’s free!


If we already have in this list Final Cut Pro and the Mac itself already comes with iMovie, why is ScreenFlow? Another video editor? Well, actually ScreenFlow is not an ordinary Mac video editor. While the previous 2 I’ve talked about focus on pure and hard video editing, ScreenFlow is an app created for all those who want to record the computer screen. It automatically generates two videos: one from the TV recording and the other from the recording of the MacBook camera. In this way, it is possible to record tutorials that appear the TV of the screen and at the same time your face! It costs $ 99 but if you need to write tutorials, this is the right app!


Growl is an application that will change the way you receive notifications on your MacBook Pro. Of course, your own Mac has the option of notifications, but with Growl they’ll be more interesting! In addition, the app allows great impersonations, which will make your Mac look more beautiful!


Perhaps the most interesting email client for Mac. Sparrow has in its simplicity a great advantage. With it, you will receive emails and respond to your contacts in a much faster way! Its design makes the experience of receiving emails much less confusing. However, it was purchased by Google a few years ago and has not received any updates since. But still an excellent choice!


Want to have all the chats in one place? The Adium is an excellent choice! With it, you can join all the chat’s of Facebook, GTalk, Yahoo among many others! This makes your life a lot easier because everything is in one place! Instead of having 5 websites open to use all chats, you just need to have Adium open. In addition, it allows an excellent customization which makes the Adium even more interesting.


If you want to keep track of multiple sites at once, Feedly is the best option right now. In it, you join all the sites you want to follow, subscribe to their RSS Feed and then just read the texts! It is fairly lightweight and has no limits in terms of the number of sites you can track. It was the app where most people migrated after the end of Google Reader.


If you like old-fashioned photos, you’ll love this app! Instant brings the fun of a Polaroid instant camera to your Mac desktop. With the app, you can edit your digital photo and leave it looking like a 40’s. The app has 30 vintage effect filters including 10 Classic Polaroid filters. At home filter, you can still make several modifications. Under the photo, you can still add a phrase. Then just share this photo in social media with a simple click!


Have you always thought about writing a book? Then Screvener is the right app for you! With it, it is very easy to write a book, regardless of its literary genre. The app lets you organize everything by chapters and insert notes. The app owner himself ensures that it will take you at least 25% of the time while writing your book. Obviously, just consider downloading Scrivener if you plan to write a book, otherwise it is unnecessary.


Regarded by many as the best productivity Mac app, Things lets you organize your day and set the tasks that are most important. You can also divide tasks by categories so you can more easily visualize what you need to do in each of the categories. It also has a quick task entry. Your tagging system is also very interesting. Despite its slightly higher price tag, it’s worth the test.

Self Control

Do you feel that you can not control your Facebook trips and the like? In this case, it is best to install Self Control. This app allows you to define which sites will block and for how long will it do so. Then just activate Self Control and you will not be able to access these sites any more. Even if you turn the computer off and on, you’ll get it! To end this order, just delete the app! Very useful for those who lack control on their sites you visit.


If you have many homework to do and can not organize yourself, this is the ideal app. IHomeWork is the only app that lets you organize all your duties, enter dates, enter teacher data, and more. You can even sync with the Apple calendar, send reminders to yourself, or open folders about books and leave all your notes there. Very useful for students!


The Spotify application is one of the most interesting options for listening to music. It’s free, you can organize all your music, have great sound quality and work with iTunes commands! Just create your account, download the application and organize your music lists.

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